I don't watch a lot of television, but when I do, Project Runway is a must see.  I learn so much and gain tons of inspiration with each episode.  Dom Streater, who won Project Runway season 12, was invited back as an All Star in Project Runway All-Stars Season 5 and took home another win.  I was totally rooting for her the whole time.  Not only is she a super talented creative, as a human, she's just an admirable character.  I could only imagine that she was a joy to be around in the workroom.  It was the All Star show, so all of the contestants fought a great fight throughout the competition, but at this level, we know you're talented - what else can you bring?  She brought her energy and personality and is totally deserving of this win.  

Dom's secret weapon was her eye for prints.  She knows how to mix different patterns and she also hand paints fabrics to create her own textiles.  In fact, with the finale of the show, Dom beat out the other two contestants with her awesome hand painted garments that were inspired by the busyness of New York City.  Ah, when in doubt, let the city (NYC) inspire you.  It's a fail proof solution.

I'm so excited to see how Dom's career blossoms from here.  I am totally a fan, and cannot wait to be a client and support her brand.  I grabbed these looks from the look book on her website.