Christian Louboutin launched his nudes collection back in 2013.  Since then, every year he has added more colors to the collection, also, more of your favorite styles of shoes in the nude color range.  This spring, the collection has an even wider collection with seven hues from porcelain to deep chocolate.  And the shoes are also complimented  by ten nude nail colors by Beaute Louboutin.  

In the past, when you think of a nude shoe, it's always been done in beige.  Christian Louboutin acknowledges that he has different customers from all over the world, and not all of us have beige skin.  The fashion world is very slow to changing the dynamic of being inclusive to more diversity.  I mean, there are still beauty companies that have been in the business for decades who still don't carry foundation colors to accommodate women of color.  I'm glad to see that more black creators are jumping in the game that has long excluded people in the latter half of the color spectrum.  Ideas are often crafted from a need.  At some point you have to turn bad situations into advantages.